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Accountancy services are a good idea for a wide range of individuals to use whether you are a Director or Self-Employed. Using an accountancy firm will help take care of a range of areas within your business from routine bookkeeping, accounting and taxation requirements. The aim is to help lift the financial burden from a company, freeing up your time and resources allowing you to efficiently run your business.

Contractors will often turn to a professional accountant to calculate and submit their profit and loss statement to in turn pay their self-assessed tax return. Those contractors that decide to use a limited company might require an accountant to register their limited company with Companies House and apply for VAT (if applicable). They can then depend on the expertise of that accountant to then submit their company and personal tax returns, using methods that are legally effective in being as tax efficient as possible. i.e. through the use of offsetting expenses and renumerating themselves via small salary and dividends.

What are the benefits of using Accountancy services?

• An accountant will provide contractors with expert advise in how to organise their ltd company structure, to be as tax efficient as possible.

• An accountant will ensure the end of year tax returns are on time, this will avoid any late penalties or fees.

• Takes away the pressure of the everyday accounting requirements of a business allowing you to focus on the running of your business.

• The options of traditional accountancy services and more innovative business advisory and development services to suit your needs.

• Whether you’re a new business or Medium/Large Business, an accountancy firm will be able to help you with all your accountancy needs.

• Offers a wide range of services to suit your needs from Bookkeeping, Taxation Planning Advice & Services, Self-assessment Tax Returns to Preparing a Business Plan.

• Accountancy firms understand the importance of offering clients the best possible advice and helping businesses to take advantage of the most recent developments and changes in the law.

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